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I stole a Time Lord and ran away

we throw parties
18 December
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I'm Nicole, I'm 19, and I love you.

I also love Doctor Who and Harry Potter, a lot. I live a life in dedication to Kurt Vonnegut. Andrew McMahon is one of the most important people in my life. I swear more than is necessary and tend to talk in caps a lot. I am mostly found on tumblr.

I am a Nerdfighter, a Ravenclaw, and an avid Whovian. How to Train Your Dragon is my favourite movie ever, followed by Scott Pilgrim and the Social Network. I love everything Alice in Wonderland, and also Percy Jackson and the Hunger Games and Criminal Minds and Skins and Misfits and Sherlock. I am a Zelda, Pokemon and Mario nerd. I stalk a lot of celebrities.

I may seem grown up and mature and hoity-toity in this but I assure you once you get on my blog you will see I am the exact opposite. I have the mentality of a nine year old, stuck in the body of an eighteen year old.